The activity guides below provide a variety of fun ways to incorporate ASL into everyday life and activities. Submitted by parents and teachers from around the world, these guides give practical suggestions on how to take the fun of Signing Time and translate ASL usage into an everyday event.

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Community Outreach Ideas

Signing Time Library Storytime - A suggested activity for public libraries to incorporate sign language into story time. Also useful for preschools, elementary schools, and playgroups.

Signing Time Playdate - A suggested activity for playgroups to incorporate sign language into play time. Also useful for preschools, elementary schools, and other group learning situations.

Activity Guides

Signing with babies Fun ideas and activites for signing with babies and children to 3 years old.

Signing with preschoolers: Activities and ideas for incorporating ASL with 3-7 year old children.

Signing with 8+ year olds: Signing suggestions for children 8 years old and up.

Signing with children with special needs: Suggested signing activities and ideas for using sign language with children who have special needs.

Signing with groups: Here are games and activities incorporating ASL for groups of children.






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