Technical Assistance

Some of our website features require free Web plug-in/player software. To enjoy these enhancements, you may need to download and install—or upgrade—browser plug-ins (also called "players").

These technologies are commonly used on other Web sites, so you might already have them! If not, you can get Flash from Macromedia, get QuickTime from Apple Computer, and get RealPlayer from RealNetworks.

We also offer some materials in PDF format. These may be viewed and printed with the free Adobe Reader software from Adobe Systems.

First Steps...

If you're having difficulty viewing a video clip or playing a song, try using the other format. For example, if RealPlayer is not working, you may get better results with QuickTime.

If you're having difficulty getting a game to start, try updating Flash by downloading and installing it again.

Try closing all programs running on your computer and any other web sites you might have open in other windows (or tabs). Then, re-open our site with a "clean" start and try our multimedia features again.

Second Steps...

On Windows, make sure you have the latest device drivers for your video and/or sound cards. Drivers are usually available for free Web download from the company that makes your sound card or PC. If you have frequent problems with multimedia on Windows, consider updating Microsoft's DirectX multimedia components on your computer.

Still need help?

If you've already followed the advice and tried the resources mentioned on this page, please contact us with your technical support questions.










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